Outlaws Drift in Every Vehicle of Thought, Ted Rees| $8

Cover for Outlaws Drift in Every Vehicle of Thought by Ted Rees

Ted Rees has lived in Philadelphia, Philadelphia's suburbs, rural Ohio, San Francisco, and currently resides Oakland. His work has appeared in TRY!, Ragtag, The Swan's Rag, Big Bell, and The Best Gay Erotica 2011. He worked as a music reviewer for XLR8R and MaximumRock'N'Roll. His chapbook Like Air was published by BentBoyBooks in 2012. At the moment, he is working on a piece on David Wojnarowicz's connection to New Narrative for an upcoming special section of Jacket2.

Miracle Mare, Corina Copp | $8

Cover for Miracle Mare by Corina Copp

Corina Copp is a writer based in New York. She is most recently the author of Pro Magenta/Be Met (Ugly Duckling Presse 2011). Recent poetry, performance texts, critical and assorted work can be found in Triple Canopy's Corrected Slogans: Reading and Writing Conceptualism, The Claudius App, SFMOMA’s Open Space, BOMB, Hi Zero, and elsewhere. She is currently working on The Whole Tragedy of the Inability to Love, a three-part play inspired by the work of Marguerite Duras. Its first installment, SUSANSWERPHONE, was presented at the PreludeNYC 2012 Festival.


Magenta Burana, Macgregor Card | $8

Cover for Magenta Burana hy Macgregor Card

Macgregor Card is a poet, translator and bibliographer living in Queens. His first book, Duties of an English Foreign Secretary (Fence Books, 2010) is a companion volume to Karen Weiser’s To Light Out. With Andrew Maxwell he was co-editor of The Germ: A Journal of Poetic Research, from 1997-2005. He currently teaches poetry at Pratt Institute.


The Quarry, Miranda Mellis | $8

Cover for The Quarry by Miranda Mellis

Miranda Mellis the author of The Spokes (Solid Objects, 2012); None of This Is Real (Sidebrow Press, 2012); Materialisms (Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs, 2009); and The Revisionist (Calamari Press, 2007). She is an editor at The Encyclopedia Project and teaches at Evergreen State College.

The Encyclopedia Project


Megan Vossler is an artist who lives and works in Minneapolis. A 2013 Minnesota State Arts Board grant recipient, her work has been exhibited in venues such as the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, the de Young Museum in San Francisco, and Franklin Art Works (Minneapolis). Vossler is a 2013 Minnesota State Arts Board grant recipient, and has received fellowships from both the McKnight and Jerome Foundations. She teaches drawing at Macalester College in St Paul.



True Beige, Cecilia K. Corrigan | $8

Corver for True Beige by Cecilia K. Corrigan

Cecilia K. Corrigan lives in New York. Her first book Titanic was awarded the Plonsker Prize, and will be published by &Now Books in 2014. Her current research interests include Alan Turing, immaturity, Ludwig Wittgenstein's adolescence, Alice James, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and therapeutic cosmetics. Her work has appeared in The Journal, Death and Life of American Cities, O'Clock Press, The Awl, The Nicola Midnight St. Claire, Glitterpony, and Emergency Index. She wrote for HBO's show Luck.

Iran Documents, Marianne Morris| $8

Cover for Iran Documents by Marianne Morris

Marianne Morris is the author of Commitment (Critical Documents, 2011), and Tutu Muse (Fly by Night, 2007). She is writing a practice-based PhD in contemporary poetics at UCF in Cornwall, U.K.



Mass of the Phoenix, David Brazil| $8

Cover for Mass of the Phoenix by David Brazil

David Brazil was born in New York and lives in California. Previous chapbook publications include Spy Wednesday, Aevum, Meet Me Beneath The War Angels, and Yo ! Eos ! With Sara Larsen, he coedited TRY ! magazine from 2008 to 2011. A full-length collection, ECONOMY, is forthcoming from Compline Press.


The Pyrrhaiad, Monica Peck | $8

Cover for The Pyrrhaiad by Monica Peck

Monica Peck is a 2011 San Francisco Arts Commission Individual Artist Grant recipient, whose previous chapbooks include Flesh of Fire, Bug, While You Were Watching (DPRESS), and Bower to Bower (neo-baroque). Peck is a member of g.e. collective and Kelsey Street Press, and edits Ragtag Magazine and the blog Queer City. Current projects involve centaurs, glitter (always!), and wearable soft-abject sculpture video performance art addressing gender sites. Peck lives in San Francisco and teaches at San Jose State.


Inter Arma, Lauren Shufran | $8

Cover for Inter Arma by Lauren Shufran

Lauren Shufran received her MFA from San Francisco State University, and is actively involved in Small Press Traffic, San Francisco's longest-running non-profit literary organization. Burrow was published by Hooke Press in 2006; recent work has appeared in Try!, P-Queue, Yellow Edenwald Field, and War and Peace.

For I Know Not What I Did Last Summer, Taylor Brady | $8

Cover for For I Know Not What I Did Last Summer by Taylor Brady

Taylor Brady lives in San Francisco, where he is active in the Nonsite Collective. His published work includes Microclimates (Krupskaya, 2001), Yesterday's News (Factory School, 2005), Occupational Treatment (Atelos, 2006), and Snow Sensitive Skin, written in collaboration with Rob Halpern (Atticus/Finch, 2007; expanded second edition forthcoming from Displaced Books in 2011).

False Intimacy, Brian Whitener | $8

Cover for False Intimacy by Brian Whitener

Brian Whitener works in a project called Displaced Press. 

The Photographer Without a Camera, Ariel Goldberg | $8

Cover for The Photographer Without a Camera by Ariel Goldberg

Ariel Goldberg is an artist and writer living in the Bay Area. Her book Picture Cameras from NoNo Press came out in 2010. The Estrangement Principal, a performance-essay on the State of Queer Arts is forthcoming from Ragtag’s poets writing criticism chapbook series in Fall 2011.

In the Stitches, Erika Staiti | $8

Cover for In the Stitches by Erika Staiti

Erika Staiti is a poet living in Oakland. In addition to her Trafficker chapbook, she has published Verse/Switch and Stop-Motion, and a documentation project of what people said. She is currently examining parts of the Oakland landscape with her video camera and embarking on a collaborative writing project inspired by RW Fassbinder.

Broadcast, Susan Gevirtz | $8

Cover for Broadcast by Susan Gevirtz

Susan Gevirtz lives and teaches in San Francisco. Her recent books include Aerodrome Orion & Starry Messenger, forthcoming Kelsey Street, 2009; Thrall, Post Apollo, 2007; Hourglass Transcripts, Burning Deck, 2001.

Leukadia, E. Tracy Grinnell | $8 [temporarily out of stock]

Cover for Leukadia by E. Tracy Grinnell

E. Tracy Grinnell is the author of Helen: A Fugue (Belladonna Books Elder Series #1 with Leslie Scalapino, 2008), Some Clear Souvenir (O Books 2006) and Music or Forgetting (O Books 2001), as well as the limited edition chapbooks Humoresque (Dusi/e-chap kollectiv, 2008), Hell and Lower Evil (Lyre Lyre Pants on Fire Press, 2008), Quadriga, a collaboration with Paul Foster Johnson (gong chapbooks, 2006), Of the Frame (Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs, 2004), and Harmonics (Melodeon Poetry Systems, 2000). She has taught creative writing at Brown University and Pratt Institute, and expository writing at Hunter College and other New York City universities. Since 2001, she has edited Litmus Press and its annual journal of poetry and translation, Aufgabe. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.

The Outer Bay, Jared Stanley [SOLD OUT]

Cover for The Outer Bay by Jared Stanley

Jared Stanley's The Outer Bay is 23 poems written in Merced, California in the SUMMER. The Outer Bay is a real estate term for Merced, realtors looking at forms of the Real. In these poems, the Real makes blisters and wrinkles.  Its nature, trains that blare; its mind, a head of the town that gets kicked in. Political poems in a landscape of sensuous garage sales and actual trees. The dirty west of nostalgia, rope burns on the eyes: a mental music lush and troubling. Like water rationing, this is for the benefit of every California citizen. —Lauren Levin

Blank Missives, Esther Lee | $8

Cover image for Blank Missives by Esther Lee

Dear _________filled,

Who else but humans invent the counterfeit fossil. I’m convinced we’ll infest this or this one. I’ll learn you, he says, my jaw dislodging like a sink from the wall. Unboyfriendable, the online dating service tells my friend’s friend. These days our bodies upholster the couch, the table, whatever furniture we may soil. As Seidel wrote, “I believe in nothing I do / believe in you...”